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Knowledge Test

The purpose of the Knowledge Test is to determine your knowledge of the Island as a whole and of the regulations governing taxi drivers. Here you will find information to help you, and additional documents which will assist you in studying for the test.

Knowledge Test Information

The Test is required by first time applicants for a PPV Driver Licence, to drive a Ply for Hire car or a Private Hire car or minibus.

The Knowledge Test is held at the Office of the RTLC, Ground Floor, Prospect House, Douglas, at a mutually agreed time.

A test can be arranged once you are satisifed that you are ready to sit the Test; please contact the RTLC Office on 651564 to make an appointment.

Please note that your first attempt at the Knowledge Test is included in your initial application fee. The fee for any subsequent test is £20. An applicant may take a maximum of three tests within a period of 12 months. If at the third attempt an applicant is still unsuccessful, the applicant must wait a further six months before a new application can be made.

The Knowledge Test is a written test and takes approximately 1 hour (maximum time allowed 1 and ¼ hours). You will be asked to specify the District of the Island which you intend to work in, and the test questions will be weighted towards that District although all island knowledge will be required for some questions.

* The ‘IOM Local Street Atlas’, which is available from most bookshops, will be of assistance to you with your studying and preparation for the test but all questions must be answered from memory.

About the Knowledge Test

Section One – Island Map/Map Reading - you will be asked 10 questions on places on the Island – you will be required to indicate the general area of where a place is situated on the map provided. You will be asked 2 questions to indicate on the map provided, the route that you would take between two given points. You will also be asked 3 questions to identify the Grid Reference for certain places.

Section Two – Route Planning - you will be asked 5 questions in which you should name the shortest routes between two places on the Island. e.g. from the Airport to Ramsey Bus Station - indicate the main route you would take – you must show that you know your way between these points, using landmarks, road names etc.

Section Three – Places of Interest (all Island knowledge required) - you will be asked 20 questions to indicate where you would find various places of interest (pubs, hotels, museums, residential homes, schools, Nurseries, places of interest etc).

Section Four – Conduct & Procedure - you will be asked 10 questions on PPV rules and regulations, such as Code of Conduct, taxi tariff, vehicle safety, and the Highway Code.

Section Five – Housing Estates / Road Names (all Island knowledge required) - you will be asked 20 questions on Housing Estates, Villages, and Street Names.

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