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Attorney General's Chambers

Head Office

2nd Floor

Belgravia House

Circular Road




+44 1624 685452


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The Attorney General for the Isle of Man is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen and holds office during Her Majesty’s pleasure. He is ex officio a member of the Legislative Council and attends meetings of the Council of Ministers.

HM Attorney General is the legal adviser to the Crown in the Isle of Man and the Government of the Isle of Man. He is also responsible for the prosecution of offences in the Court of General Gaol Delivery and for the drafting of Government legislation.

The Attorney General’s Chambers deal with civil and criminal matters for the Government of the Isle of Man. It also provides legal advice to Government Departments and Statutory Boards.

Child Abduction

The Attorney General is the central authority under the Hague Convention and European Convention in relation to abducted children. For further information see the following documents or send an email to

Bona Vacantia Estates

Estates situated in the Isle of Man of persons who die intestate and without known kin may be administered by H M Attorney General on behalf of the Treasury, in which the residuary estate vests bona vacantia on trust for the Crown.  Before any application is made for the Grant of Letters of Administration, details of the deceased person will be posted here for a period of two months, in addition to notices being placed in local newspapers.  If no contact is received during that period from any kin eligible to inherit the estate, the Attorney General may take steps to administer the estate without any further notice.

The kin of the following deceased person(s) are now requested to contact the Attorney General’s Chambers;

Mr Patrick Michael Simpson, late of 6 Queens Pier Road, Ramsey, who died on 3 November 2016 (posted on 10 March 2016)

Legislation Web Site

The Attorney General’s Chambers maintains the Isle of Man Legislation Web Site. 

This site contains – 

  • All current Acts presented with point-in-time functionality
  • Published Acts of Tynwald as enacted
  • Repealed Acts
  • Recent changes to the Acts
  • Acts passed in a particular year 

The site can be accessed at

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