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Statutory Boards

There are a number of Statutory Boards listed under Schedule 1 of the Statutory Boards Act 1987 as follows:

Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority – has responsibility for licensing and regulating telecommunications and broadcasting on the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Financial Services Authority – is the regulatory body for the financial sector in the Isle of Man. The objectives of the Authority are to secure an appropriate degree of protection for the customers of financial services providers, the reduction of financial crime and the maintenance of confidence in the Island's financial sector through effective regulation.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission -licenses and regulates land-based gambling operations (casino, amusement and slot machines, betting offices and lotteries), the Commission also regulates all online gambling activities, which have grown significantly in recent years.

Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading provides the appropriate legislation, advice, and compliance services to benefit and protect consumers and businesses from unfair trading practices.

Isle of Man Post Office provides a broad spectrum of postal and postal-related services to the Isle of Man. In recent years the Board has diversified its activities by introducing new products which complement and enhance the core postal service.

Manx Care is a Statutory Board responsible for delivering all health and care services on the Island as a public sector arm's length body run by a Board appointed by Government and approved by Tynwald.

Manx Utilities Authority is responsible for providing its customers with safe, reliable, efficient and economic supplies of electricity, natural gas and clean water; as well as processing waste water, and delivering flood risk management services. In addition to operating a successful energy trading enterprise, Manx Utilities has two subsidiary businesses specifically focussed on commercial telecommunications and subsea cable management.

Public Sector Pensions Authority the principal role is to manage and administer the pensions, premature retirements and injury benefits for a majority of Isle of Man public servants.

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