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There are a number of offices which do not fall directly under the control of any Department or Board. They are concerned with a variety of administrative and/or legal and judicial functions which are listed below.

Attorney General's Chambers - The Attorney General’s Chambers deal with civil and criminal matters for the Government of the Isle of Man. It also provides legal advice to Government Departments and Statutory Boards. 

IOM Courts of Justice - The Isle of Man Courts of Justice website has been developed to support the Rules of the High Court of Justice 2009.

IOM Judgements Online - The Isle of Man Courts of Justice's Judgments Online is a searchable database which allows users to easily find the judgment for a particular case.

IOM Information CommissionerThe Information Commissioner is the independent supervisory body for the Data Protection Legislation and the Unsolicited Communications Regulations 2005.

With effect from 1 February 2016, the Commissioner will assume an adjudication role in respect of the Freedom of Information Act 2015. It is anticipated that from that date the Commissioner will also assume the High Bailiff's current responsibilities in respect of the Isle of Man Government's Code of Practice on Access to Government Information.

Other responsibilities include:

Isle of Man Post Office - Is a gateway to the world for all residents, businesses and visitors, providing mail, parcel, philatelic, retail and associated value added services.

Mail is delivered into the domestic and international mail streams for worldwide delivery, quickly and efficiently. Other services include Island-wide counters network, collections and deliveries - tailored to your needs, Door2Door distribution and Special Delivery - guaranteed with a choice of pre 9.00am or 1.00pm next day delivery.

Manx Industrial Relations Service -  (MIRS) is an independent, Government funded organisation whose job is to promote good industrial relations on the Isle of Man. (Our most recent Annual Report, can be accessed by using the link at the end of this page). We offer impartial and free advice to employers, employees and trade unions.

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