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The Workplace Wellbeing group is led by the Public Health Directorate, working alongside colleagues from public, private, and third party sectors.

Together we produced the Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit, which is a helpful and practical guide to support local organisations in implementing Wellbeing initiatives at their workplace. We hope to see the Workplace Wellbeing culture embedded within organisations to make for a more productive and prosperous Island. The toolkit outlines key areas to focus on as part of a workplace health programme including:

Alcohol and drug use: reducing the negative impacts of problem drinking and drug use

Climate change: improving your workplace's sustainability by changing workplace practises can have a positive impact on staff mental health and the overall wellbeing of the Island

Domestic abuse: enabling open discussion and knowing how to spot the signs

Financial wellbeing: poor financial wellbeing can impact negatively on employee productivity and engagement

Menopause: encouraging open discussion to help women in this age group cope with potential symptoms

Nutrition: ensuring healthy eating choices are available to employees to improve productivity and overall wellbeing at work

Physical activity: providing opportunities for employees to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives

Positive mental health: supporting employees who are experiencing mental health problems

Sleep: understanding employees' individual sleep patterns and generating ideas on how they can sleep better

Smoking cessation: supporting employees who want to quit smoking to minimise the risk of poor health

Stress management: helping employees to manage stress to minimise the risk of associated health concerns

Working from home: ensuring employees are safe and productive when working from home while also respecting the same work-life balance as in the office.

COVID-19 will have undoubtedly had a great impact on your work and workplace wellbeing over the past couple of years. For current advice please visit the Isle of Man Government's COVID-19 website.


Since 2016, the group has held an annual Workplace Wellbeing Conference incorporating the principals outlined in the toolkit. The event is open to representatives from all types of local businesses and organisations. Each workshop features a range of speakers covering topics dedicated to improving workplace wellbeing.

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How to get involved

The Workplace Wellbeing Networking Group is an MS Teams discussion group that anyone can join to share ideas and insights. If you are interested in joining, please email with an email address you are happy to share publicly.

We are looking for organisations who are interested in hosting a networking session to discuss a topic of importance relating to workplace wellbeing. If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing For information on previous topics, visit our events page by clicking on the above link.

To find out more about how workplace wellbeing can help your organisation, contact:

Workplace Wellbeing Group

Public Health Directorate

Cabinet Office

Cronk Coar

Noble’s Hospital



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Telephone:+44 1624 642639

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