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Isle of Man Homes for Ukraine FAQs

If you do need to contact us about your registered interest, or help completing the online form, you can either email us at or call us on +44 1624 642500 - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What is Homes for Ukraine Scheme IOM?

The Isle of Man Homes for Ukraine Scheme ('The Scheme') has been set up to offer and ensure that any Ukrainians who may choose to come to the Island are welcomed into a hosting arrangement that is safe, appropriate and dignified.  Pathway 2 will broadly mirror the UK approach to immigration and home hosting.

Potential sponsors who do not know anyone personally fleeing Ukraine are asked to register their interest in being a sponsor.

It is hoped that host will provide a warm welcome and act as facilitators for their guest, introducing them to the Isle of Man and signposting to services.

What sort of accommodation am I expected to provide?

If you have a spare room(s) in your home or a separate self-contained accommodation that is unoccupied, fit for purpose and available for a minimum of six months, this would meet the initial criteria for registration.

How will I know my property meets the criteria?

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme carries out 4 safeguarding Checks as part of your initial registration. These Include, Department of Social Care (DOHSC), Department of Home Affairs (DOHA), DEFA Home suitability Check and if required a Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS).

At what point are these checks carried out?

Once you have registered your Interest online, a member of the Ukraine support team will contact you and collect any further information required. If you have registered household members over the age of 16 on your application form the support team will also need to speak with them to get their consent to hosting taking place and consent for safeguarding checks to be completed where necessary.

Must I be a home owner to host?

If you live in a privately rented property, you will need to get permission from your landlord before registering.

If you live in public sector rented property, at the present time you will not be able to register to be a host.

Am I able to state a preference as to whom I wish to host?

It is important that you consider who you are best able to offer support to, things to consider are your own immediate family - will children fit in to your home happily? Do you want a family or single adult? Would you prefer a particular gender?

How soon will I be matched up?

The Isle of Man Government does not provide a matching service, for those currently not linked with a Ukrainian National and would still like to provide a home to a Ukrainian guest we are pleased to say that following some detailed discussions with Reset UK, IOM residents are now able to use this service.

This will of course remain a matter of personal choice for you and your families. We are not endorsing a particular organisation but rather making you aware of one option that is available.

What should I look for when matching up?

Prior to embarking on your matching journey we would encourage you to consider the questions below. Exploring these questions with your prospective guest(s) on your initial contact may help with your decision making and also support you to achieve the best possible outcome for both you, your family and your prospective guests. 

  • What are the Educational, Health or Emotional needs of your guest? (Immediate, short term, and long term?) 
  • Can I meet these needs (Immediately, short term, long term?) 
  • Can our Island meet their needs (Immediately, short term, long term?) 

Who are Reset UK?

Reset supports and leads the Community Sponsorship movement in the UK, where over 300 groups have prepared to welcome refugees in the UK. They offer a matching, training and support service to sponsors and Guests under the UK and Isle of Man Homes for Ukraine Scheme. You can access Reset UK from the below link. Please note as part of the Reset UK application process you will also be required to watch a 45 minute training video on hosting. 

Whilst completing the online form ensure you complete the postcode section and in the comments box where you are invited to add further details, in this section you would add the comment 'IOM Ukraine' this enables Reset UK to identify you as an Isle of Man resident. 

Reset UK registration

How long I am expected to host for?

It is expected that anyone signing up to the homes for Ukraine Scheme will host for a minimum of six months, of course this can be longer should you wish to extend your hosting period by a further three or six months.

What if I am registered for Homestay?

If you have already signed up to Homestay then you will not be able to host, if you are thinking of doing this in the future, you should take this in to consideration before registering as your guest will require a minimum of six month stay to enable a level of stability for them after fleeing the war.

Will my guest be eligible to benefits and/or to work?

All guests from Ukraine coming to the Island under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme will be eligible to apply for benefits, healthcare, education and have the right to work.

Further Information on this can be found in your Host Guidance booklet, the Ukraine Support Team will also assist you and your guest in accessing any of the above services.

They can be contacted by email or phone +44 1624 642500.

For people of pensionable age please see the following link about accessing your Ukraine Pension.

Will I be paid rent?

Initially Guest will not be expected to pay a rental charge for the accommodation you provide, however they are responsible for their own food cost and should contribute to utility bills where possible.

Once your guest has settled in, it is hoped they will gain some employment that will enable them to become reasonably self-supported, you may then wish to discuss any further reasonable contributions to home living expenses.

Will I need a tenancy agreement with my guest?

No, you do not need to write up a tenancy agreement. However should your agree a rental term with your guest on your self-contained property at the end of your agreed hosting period, then you should take all reasonable steps necessary and expected as a landlord.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

We would advise that you speak to your own Insurance provider on this matter.

What do I do if I have any safeguarding concerns?

To view the safeguarding policy please visit our Isle of Man response to Ukraine page and select the 'Ukraine Support Team Safeguarding Policy' on the right hand side of the page. For further queries please contact the Ukraine Support Team on +44 1624 642500.

What happens if hosting does not work out?

Despite best efforts, we understand that this scheme may not work out for either yourself or the guest. In this unfortunate event, the Ukraine Support Team will seek to resolve your concern ('grievance') in a timely manner or if needed we will find alternative accommodation for your guest.

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