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Area Plan for the East

Island Development Plan – Area Plan for the East

The Public Inquiry into the Draft Area Plan for the East has now concluded and the Inspector has submitted his report to the Department. The Planning Policy Team is currently assessing the implications of the recommendations contained within the Inspector’s Report and will make recommendations to the Department for proposed modifications to the Draft Plan. Once agreed these modification will be published with an invitation to the public to make comment for a period of 8 weeks. A Public Notice will be issued to inform the public when this process is to begin and will be hosted on the Government’s Consultation Hub.

All information and evidence as part of the Public Inquiry as well as the Inspectors Report can be found on Cabinet Office's website and documents produced Pre-Inquiry and can be found on the planning policy page.

Work has commenced on the Area Plan for the East which will cover:The updated Strategic Plan – The Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2016 - came into effect on the 1 April 2016 following its approval at March Tynwald.  This means all new Area Plans will be prepared taking this version of the Strategic Plan into account. Whilst the Strategic Plan contains general policies for the Island as a whole, it is the role of the Area Plans to identify site specific proposals and address planning policy matters at the local level.  

  • the Borough of Douglas
  • the District of Onchan
  • the Parishes of Braddan, Garff (Laxey and Lonan Wards only), Marown and Santon

The plan may be of interest to those who live, work, spend time, own land or wish to invest in the East.

On the 31 May 2019 the Department published a ‘Public Notice’ inviting all interested parties to attend the Pre-Inquiry Meeting to be held in Douglas on the 18 July 2019. The pre-inquiry meeting is not arranged to discuss the merits of the proposals contained within the Draft Area Plan for the East but to:

  1. outline the procedures to be followed at the Inquiry
  2. discuss the programme for evidence, and how this evidence is to be presented at the Inquiry
  3. facilitate the submission and exchange of any additional professional and technical evidence in advance of the Inquiry
  4. to encourage those with common cause to consider working together to present their case

The Public Inquiry has provisionally been set to begin the week commencing the 9 September 2019 and is likely to last in the region of three weeks.  Precise details of the start date, location and general running order will be published in due course. All members of the public and interested parties are welcome to attend. 

From 24 February to the 26 May 2017 the Department invited all interested parties to make comments on the proposed scope of the plan. This is known as the ‘Preliminary Publicity’ consultation. The results of this consultation are now being considered.

The Preliminary Publicity consultation has been informed by the responses to the ‘Call for Sites’ which was issued last year. The material published for the Call for Sites stage can be viewed.

The Department will consider all of the representations to the Preliminary Publicity consultation before embarking on the remaining stages in plan preparation as set out in Schedule 1 of the 1999 Act, namely:

  • The publication of a Draft Plan
  • The undertaking of a Public Inquiry
  • Publicity of the Inquiry Report
  • The adoption of the Plan by the Cabinet Office
  • The publication of the Plan after approval by Tynwald

The extant development plans in the East will remain in force until the Area Plan for the East is approved and comes into operation.

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