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Area Plan for the East

Island Development Plan – Area Plan for the East

The Cabinet Office adopted the Area Plan for the East on the 21 of September 2020 and the plan was approved by Tynwald on the 18 of November 2020 with the Order coming into force on the 1 December 2020. 

Copies of the Order may be obtained from the Welcome Centre, Sea Terminal.  It will also be available to view at the Cabinet Office public counter, 3rd Floor, Government Office or at the Tynwald Library.

All information and evidence dealt with during the Public Inquiry (Sept – Oct 2019) is available in the Inspector's Report for the Area Plan for the East and documents produced Pre-Inquiry can be found on the planning policy page.

Area Plan documents 1 December 2020


Written Statement


1a - Environmental Constraints
1b - Infrastructure Constraints
1c - Community Constraints
2 - Landscape Assessment
3 - Proposals
4 - Douglas
5 - Douglas Central
6 - Onchan
7 - Laxey
8 - Union Mills
9 - Baldrine
10 - Crosby and Glen Vine
11- Newtown

High Court Judgement

Following a High Court judgment on the 19 November 2021 brought under Section 5 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1999, the High Court has quashed Map 10 in so far as it affects the property Close Jairg Beg, Old Church Road, Crosby, set out in the approved Area Plan for the East. As a result of this judgment, no part of the title of Close Jairg Beg including the existing bungalow is within the settlement boundary on Map 10 of the Area Plan for the East, which was brought into operation by the Town and Country Planning (Area Plan for the East) Order 2020. As a consequence, Map 3 has also been updated to reflect this.

Superseded Maps

10 - Crosby and Glen Vine
3 - Proposals

Traffic Modelling   

SYSTRA – TAPE Scenario Testing Report

This report is indicative of a worst-case scenario only and does not form part of the Order.

Video clips  - Differences between Draft Plan and Adopted in terms of key sites – These videos are indicative only and do not form part of the Order.



Crosby and Glen Vine


Douglas North and Onchan

Union Mills and Strang

Douglas South Central and Braddan

Background to the Area Plan for the East

While the Isle of Man Strategic Plan contains general land use policies for the Island as a whole, it is the role of the Area Plans to identify site specific proposals and address planning policy matters at the local level.  The Area Plan for the East covers:

  • the Borough of Douglas
  • the District of Onchan
  • the Parishes of Braddan, Garff (Laxey and Lonan Wards only), Marown and Santon

From 24 February to the 26 May 2017, Cabinet Office invited all interested parties to make comments on the proposed scope of the plan. This is known as the ‘Preliminary Publicity’ consultation.  

The Preliminary Publicity consultation was informed by the responses to the ‘Call for Sites’ which was issued in 2016. The material published for the Call for Sites stage can be viewed.

Once the Department considered all of the representations to the Preliminary Publicity consultation it embarked on the remaining stages in plan preparation as set out in Schedule 1 of the 1999 Act, namely:

  • The publication of a Draft Plan
    • The Undertaking of a Public Inquiry (held between 10 September and 2 October 2019)* and
    • Publicity of the Inquiry Report
    • The adoption of the Plan by Cabinet Office (21 September 2020)
    • Approval by Tynwald (18 November 2020)

Following Tynwald Approval, the Area Plan for the East came into operation on 1 December 2020.

*On the 31 May 2019 Cabinet Office published a ‘Public Notice’ inviting all interested parties to attend the Pre-Inquiry Meeting.  This was held in Douglas on the 18 July 2019. The purpose of the pre-inquiry meeting was to:

  1. outline the procedures to be followed at the Inquiry
  2. discuss the programme for evidence, and how this evidence is to be presented at the Inquiry
  3. facilitate the submission and exchange of any additional professional and technical evidence in advance of the Inquiry
  4. to encourage those with common cause to consider working together to present their case
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