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RoadDateSummaryOrganisationContact Number
Breakwater Road, Port Erin8 Oct 2019
- 7 Apr 2020
Continuation of closure on safety grounds as per the attached information file.DoI Estates Shared Services685942
Station Road Port St Mary24 Mar 2020
- 7 Apr 2020
Emergency closure from Four Roads Roundabout to the junction with Beach Road/Plantation Road Port St Mary to enable gas main repairs. Access will be maintained for residents.Manx Gas644444
Bradda Road, Port Erin24 Feb 2020
- 10 Apr 2020
Temporary Closure between 'West View' and 'Brook Cottage' between the dates stated, or until the work to install a retaining wall is completed, whichever is the earlier.DoI Highway Services850000
Cannell's Lane, Ramsey30 Mar 2020
- 10 Apr 2020
Temporary closure between Parliament Street and Water Street between the dates stated, or until the work to renew the gas services is completed, whichever is the earlier.Manx Gas644462
The Lhargan, Port St Mary30 Mar 2020
- 10 Apr 2020
Temporary Closure between Bay View Road and the rear of the Bay View Hotel between the dates stated, or until the gas mains repairs are completed, whichever is the earlier.Manx Gas644462
Peel Road Union Mills23 Mar 2020
- 10 Apr 2020
Temporary 24hr 2 way traffic signals in operation to enable sewer connectionDOI, Highway Services851681/495166
Mona Drive17 Feb 2020
- 12 Apr 2020
temporary closure from Central Promenade to Empress Drive between the dates stated, or until the water main replacement work is completed, whichever is the earlier. Parking will also be suspended on a section of Empress Drive as indicated by signs.Watling Streetworks495166
PROW 461 rear of MER sheds18 Nov 2019
- 18 Apr 2020
temporary closure for its entire length between Hague Crescent, Onchan and King Edward Road between the dates stated or until the work to reclad the M.E.R sheds is completed, whichever is the earlier.Excel Group Limited322955
Lheannag Park18 Feb 2020
- 18 Apr 2020
Temporary closure from the southern boundary of the rear of number 42 Lheannag Park to its terminus at the end of the cul-de-sac between the dates stated, or until the sewer connection construction work is completed, whichever is the earlier.Hartford Homes631000
PROW 329 Majestic Coast, Onchan22 Oct 2019
- 25 Apr 2020
Vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited from proceeding from its junction with King Edward Road to a point adjacent to the eastern boundary of the Majestic Apartments. Pedestrian access will be permitted after 4.30pm each day and until 7.00am on the following day.J Clawson678640
PROW 632 Riverbank Rd to Gardner's Lane2 May 2019
- 30 Apr 2020
Will be closed from its junction with Riverbank Road to its point with The Riverbank for safety reasons due to riverbank erosion.DOI, Highway Services850000
PROW 360 & 362 former Railway Line, Patrick, Marown, German30 Nov 2019
- 30 Apr 2020
PROW 360 & 362 closed to traffic from Old Church Road to Peel Power Station on a rolling closure basis as indicated by signage whilst refurbishment, surfacing and structures work takes place.NK Construction Ltd850000
Curragh Road, St Johns18 Jan 2020
- 30 Apr 2020
Temporary closure between Ballacraine Traffic Lights and the access road to the Western Amenity Site (access to which will remain open via the Hope) between the dates stated, or until the road works are completed, whichever is the earlierDoI Highway Services676831
Duke Street15 Mar 2020
- 5 May 2020
Temporary Closure to vehicles on Duke Street from Victoria Street to Wellington Street, along with restrictions on adjacent roads as per the attached information file whilst the works to demolish 42 to 50 Duke Street take place.Global Island Group Limited07624 225002
Lord Street Douglas5 Mar 2020
- 29 May 2020
Continuation of the one way traffic system from Bath Place to Ridgeway Street due to extended road worksDOI, Highway Services850000
East Quay, Mill Road & PROW 362, Peel17 Mar 2020
- 29 May 2020
East Quay from the entrance to the Boatyard to Mill Road; and Mill Road from East Quay to PROW 362 will be subject to short periods of closure between 7.00am and 7.00pm daily, as indicated by signage when haulage is in transit. PROW 362 from Mill Road to the gated entrance to the Heritage Trail will be closed throughout the period detailed. Access to properties, Businesses and Car Parks will be maintained.Land and Water Services07967 461021
Peel Road2 Dec 2019
- 1 Jun 2020
temporary closure of the footway between 41 Peel Road and the former wool control centre whilst work to redevelop the former Athol Garage site takes place.Dandara Contracting Limited480773
Summer Hill Link Road13 Jan 2020
- 12 Jul 2020
Temporary closure to vehicular traffic from Summer Hill to King Edward Road whilst Promenade refurbishment works are taking placeMyProm686363 or email
Strand Street & Castle Street17 Jan 2020
- 15 Jul 2020
Temporary suspension of the one-way traffic system from Regent Street to Marina Road whilst works on the Promenade takes placeMyProm686363 or email
Upper Promenade & Rowany Villas Port Erin5 Feb 2020
- 19 Aug 2020
Closure of the footway bordering the site of the former Port Erin Royal Hotel and prohibition of waiting as per the attached information file.Dandara Contracting Limited693300
Westlands, Peel1 Jan 2020
- 29 Aug 2020
Closed to vehicular traffic for it's entire length between the dates stated, or until the demolition, refurbishment & extension work is completed, whichever is the earlierAuldyn Construction662466
Finch Road29 Feb 2020
- 30 Aug 2020
Throughout this period the established One-Way system on Finch Road will continue to be reversed with traffic only being permitted to travel in a northerly direction from Prospect Hill to Christian Road. Church Road Marina may be subject to closure during this period; however, whether open or closed that will not affect this Notice.MyProm686363
Regent Street, Howard Street & Granville Street12 Mar 2020
- 12 Sep 2020
Continuation of the phased closures on these roads as a part of the MyProm promenade refurbishment works. Note that only one these roads will be closed at any one time.MyProm686363
PROW 423 Ballasalla to Grenaby (Malew)19 Mar 2020
- 19 Sep 2020
Closed to pedestrians between Grenaby Road and Ballamodha Road at Silverburn Bridge.DoI Highway Services850000
Douglas Promenade Refurbishment1 Jan 2019
- 1 Oct 2020
For the latest on Douglas Promenade refurbishment and associated work please visit For general enquiries you can email or telephone 686363.DOI, Highway Services686363
Events Schedule 20201 Jan 2020
- 31 Dec 2020
A schedule of events taking place in 2020 can be downloaded via information file.DOI, Highway Services850000

Safety Notice

Motorists are urged to take more care when driving near to roadworks. Take notice of advance warning signs and temporary speed signs; if you drive too fast through roadworks temporary restrictions, you risk incurring a penalty. Do not switch lanes to overtake queuing traffic or drive through an area marked off by traffic cones. Watch out for traffic entering or leaving the works area but do not be distracted by what is going on there. The Road Safety Unit advises all drivers approaching roadworks to consider how they would feel if they were standing in the coned off areas of the road and a vehicle went speeding by only centimetres away. Safe drivers – think of road workers too!


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