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This section of the website is intended as a guide, and should not be construed as legal advice or an authoritative statement of the law.

Welcome to the Isle of Man Charities Website

In this website you will find a range of practical and useful information in relation to Isle of Man registered charities and the process for an entity to become a registered charity.

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Overview, Roles & Regulation

The General Registry is the joint regulator of charities in the Isle of Man in conjunction with HM Attorney General’s Chambers.


The General Registry has specific statutory roles in relation to the registration of charities and the receipt of statutory statements, accounts and other documents in relation to charities.

Protection & Enforcement

HM Attorney General’s Chambers has specific statutory roles in relation to acting for the protection of charities, taking action to enforce legal requirements placed on Trustees and exercising his statutory powers to authorise certain steps by charities


If a charitable company wishes to incorporate without a designated suffix (Ltd or Limited) the proposed company will also need to apply for a licence from the Attorney General (prior to incorporation).

The registration of companies in the Isle of Man is undertaken by the Companies Registry.


The most relevant legislation in relation to Charities in the Isle of Man includes:-

Copies of which are available for review and download from this website.

APB publishes Practice Note 11 (Revised) - The Audit of Charities in the UK

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In March 2012 the Auditing Practices Board published a revised Practice Note 11 “The Audit of Charities in the UK”.