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Civil Legal Aid Calculator

Please note that this eligibility calculator is a guide as to whether you are likely to be financially eligible for civil legal aid on the Isle of Man.

If you decide to proceed with an application for civil legal aid a full assessment of your financial situation will be required and this will be carried out by the Legal Aid Office. In order to facilitate this assessment you will be required to submit comprehensive financial evidence (e.g. banks statements, pay slips etc).

If you are in receipt of any of the following Isle of Man Social Security benefits you will automatically qualify, financially for civil legal aid and therefore you will not need to use this calculator. Please note that if you stop receiving that benefit then a full assessment will be required.

Please note that in addition to an assessment to ascertain whether you are financially eligible to receive civil legal aid, every application must also pass a legal merits test. For further information about the legal merits test, the qualifying criteria and how to make an application for civil legal aid please use the links below and read our guidance documents.

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay board and lodgings or live in accommodation on a room only basis, or if you need further information about housing costs please contact the Legal Aid Office on 685977 for advice.

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Your Income

In order to calculate your eligibility for legal aid it is necessary to ascertain the full extent of your income. Please enter weekly amounts in the relevant boxes. If you receive income on a monthly basis, to provide the most accurate weekly amount, multiply by 12 (months) and divide by 52 (weeks) or alternatively, enter the monthly figure in the appropriate column and it will automatically be converted when you press the calculate button below (please note that the regulations specify weekly amounts and these will be the figures we use in our determination of your eligibility).

Weekly FiguresMonthly Figures
SourceYouYour Spouse/PartnerYouYour Spouse/Partner
Usual Net Salary +
£ £ £ £
Benefits * £ £ £ £
Maintenance # £ £ £ £
Pensions £ £ £ £
Benefits in kind from family £ £ £ £
Benefits in kind/drawings/profits £ £ £ £
Grants £ £ £ £
All other sources £ £ £ £

+ After NI and Income Tax has been deducted.

* Benefits should include those paid to you by Social Security or Employers. Do not include Child Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance or Constant Attendance Allowance (if paid as an increase to disablement pension).

# Enter the full value of maintenance paid to you and the calculator will automatically disregard the first £24.20 per week

Capital Assets

Please add up all your capital (including that of your spouse/partner) and anything else of value that you or your spouse/partner own:

Examples include:

  • Property or land (other than your main dwelling (ie home where you and your spouse/partner live))
  • Cash in hand
  • Money held in a bank/Post Office or other account
  • Premium Bonds
  • Shares
  • Surrender value of insurance policies
  • Valuable possessions (eg Caravans, antiques etc)
  • Money owed to you

Do not include:

  • Your main dwelling and its household furniture and effects
  • Tools and equipment required to work or for your business
  • Articles of personal clothing
Total Capital Value £
Less Capital Allowance £13,000.00These values are calculated automatically
Balance £0.00
Balance (Rounded down to nearest £50) £0.00
Income from Capital £0.00

Prescribed Amount

Part A

Please select the option which best describes you
Married or living together with a Partner *
* A Partner is someone who lives with you as a couple, whether or not you are married and are of the same or different sex.
Please indicate the number of dependant persons * (child or adult) who live with you.
* A dependant person is someone who is financially supported by you and does not have an income of their own.
You cannot include a child or young person who has left school or college, or a child or young person for whom you receive a boarding allowance from Social Services (or a local authority).
Please indicate the number of non-dependant persons* who live with you.
* A non dependant person is someone for whom you do not receive child benefit.

Part B

Do you or your partner presently work more than 24 hours per week?

Part C

Please confirm whether you pay rent or a mortgage and enter the amount paid per week or month.
Mortgage (interest only)
Weekly £
Monthly £

Part D

Are you responsible for the payment of rates? If so, please confirm how much is paid per week or month:
Weekly £
Monthly £

Part E

Do you make use of a registered childminder, nursery or other DHSS approved organisation in order to attend work?
If yes, please confirm the amount paid per week. (Please note that you can only claim this allowance for children who are under 13 years of age)
Weekly £
Monthly £

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