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Over the past few months the Health and Care Transformation Programme team has been working hard to ensure that we create a health and care system for our Island that delivers on Sir Jonathan Michael’s recommendations to create high-quality, integrated health and care services that are person-centred and sustainable. A key step in achieving this is to reposition the role that Public Health has in Government.

As of April 1, the Public Health team will now become part of the Cabinet Office, reporting to the Chief Secretary and Chief Minister.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we have a cross-Government view on the health and care of our people, so that we can respond comprehensively and collectively to the current crisis. 

The Public Health team is currently working at the forefront of managing government’s response to COVID-19, this work continues working closely with colleagues across many Departments to deliver the best possible advice.

In time, from this new position within the Cabinet Office, the Public Health Directorate team will also be able to have greater oversight and input to the policies and processes that influence and impact the health and wellbeing of our residents which will:

  • Improve the Directorate’s ability to advise policy makers across Government, thereby providing for greater delivery of public health policy through other public sector organisations;
  • Mature the Directorate’s capability of collecting data from across Government;
  • Support improved focus on public health and better outcomes in relation to policy making across Government;
  • Support Government as a whole to address the wider determinants and influences of health;
  • Encourage a greater focus on health and wellbeing across the Island;
  • Facilitate better access to services amongst vulnerable/seldom-heard-from groups;
  • Enable better outcomes for the Isle of Man population; and
  • Improve clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and value for money in health and care service delivery.

Our purpose

To protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of the Isle of Man and to reduce health inequalities through strong partnerships with individuals, communities and key public, private and voluntary organisations.

Our vision

To protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the island’s whole population rather than treating the individual.

Our values

  • Work systematically to alter our environment, improve lifestyles and reduce risk factors across our population
  • Prioritise interventions which will achieve change for the greatest number of people at affordable cost
  • Champion approaches that support individuals, families and communities in taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing 
  • Work with partners across government, private and third sectors to get public health into all policies – supporting people to take responsibility for their own health by ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge and live in environments and communities where healthy choices are easy choices

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public website.

Public Health COVID-19 Guidance for public sector, local authorities, private businesses, third sector organisations.

Director of Public Health

Since 2017, Dr Henrietta Ewart has produced an annual report which provides an independent overview on different key areas of health and wellbeing.

The reports use data from the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF), which feature statistics that reflect the health of the Isle of Man population. 

Director of Public Health Annual Report

Public Health Directorate Business Plan 2017-2020

This document summarises the work that the Public Health Directorate plans to deliver over the period 2017-2020.

It also provides information on who the Public Health Directorate are and what we do. In brief, Public Health is about improving and protecting the health and wellbeing of all our population.

The work set out in this document will contribute significantly to the government’s goal that we live longer, healthier lives and the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) strategic goal that we will help everyone take greater responsibility for their own health, encouraging good lifestyle choices.

Public Health Business Plan 2017-2020

Business Plans Reporting and Project delivery 

Our new updated business plan for 2019-2020 will provide an outline of our priority areas over the next three years and how we will make best use of our resources.

Quarterly reporting

Health Intelligence

Health data is used to assess, measure and describe health and wellbeing, as well as health risks, health needs and health outcomes for the population of the Isle of Man. We do this by collecting, analysing and interpreting healthrelated data into meaningful information. This is used to indicate areas of health and wellbeing where the Isle of Man could improve. Health Intelligence informs action and enables the monitoring and evaluation of outcomes.

Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF)

The PHOF dataset includes information on a range of indicators of health and wellbeing, the methodology used is based on that used by Public Health England (PHE) which allows the Island to compare data with England and specific local authorities.

Mortality reporting

An annual series of reports on the causes of deaths registered on the island and monitoring of trends in mortality rates. Although we will look at data from individual years it is important to remember that our relatively small numbers may cause annual fluctuations.

Therefore any annual changes should be considered in the context of wider mortality trends. Due to this, some of the data can only be presented as 3-year averages.

The aim of this report is to provide an overview of mortality rates over the last 12 years and analyses on top causes of death for island residents.

Lifestyle Surveys

We have a rolling programme of health and lifestyle surveys to ensure that we have up to date information on the main risk factors in our population (weight, physical activity, smoking, alcohol and drug misuse, etc.). Every year we also focus on different additional topics.

Consultation delivery

Now closed

Core dataset, surveys and mortality data

Needs assessments and Strategy development

Needs assessments

A Needs Assessment is defined as a ‘systematic method for reviewing the health and wellbeing needs of a population, leading to agreed commissioning priorities that will improve health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce inequalities in health’.

April 2017 - Joint Strategic Needs Assessment on Alcohol and Substance Misuse

May 2019 - Joint Strategic Needs Assessment on Gambling


Needs Assessments and Strategies 

Health Protection

Working in collaboration we plan coordinate, strengthen and support activities to protect people on the Isle of Man from infectious diseases and environmental hazards. We do this by providing advice, support and information to health professionals, government departments, the general public and a number of other bodies that play an important part in protecting health.

Outbreaks and Pandemics


Immunisation and Vaccination programmes

Travel Advice and Vaccines

Health Improvement

Work to improve the public’s health and wellbeing through all stages of the life course and in all settings will help to reduce inequalities and protect the vulnerable crosscutting themes in all our work. By focusing on prevention and early intervention we can prioritise initiatives which will achieve change (improvement in lifestyle or reduction in risk factors) for the greatest numbers. This is done by supporting the introduction of evidence-based interventions across all government departments and partner organisations which are appropriate for our population.

Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Consulations (now closed)


Falls in older people

Smile of Mann – Supervised Toothbrushing programme

Smoking Cessation

Evaluation of Quit4You Stop Smoking Service – May 2018

Sexual Health

Weight Management (Diet, Weight and Physical Activity)

Workplace wellbeing

Healthcare Public Health

We work to improve population health, reduce premature mortality and reduce inequalities in health outcomes relating to healthcare interventions. We do this through provision of evidence-based advice on sustainable and effective health and care services. For example, we review evidence to advise on which treatments would be most effective and affordable for our population.

DHSC Clinical Commissioning  

DHSC Clinical commissioning policies

Clinical Recommendations Committee (CRC)  

Individual Funding Request Panel (IFRP)

Research and Development

The function is currently undergoing strategic review with the intention of formally linking Island R&D with R&D networks in the UK in order to build capacity and opportunities for high quality R&D on the Island. Alongside the development of a five year strategy, current priorities include developing the Isle of Man Research Ethics Committee, reviewing and updating legislation to ensure that research governance is within a statutory framework and developing local policies to support appropriate engagement with commercial entities (including pharmaceutical and health care device manufacturers).

Support and advice

Health and Wellbeing health advice on addiction, screening, disease control – including vaccinations, healthy weight and healthy living.

Professional advice and support with day-to-day health delivery

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