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Adopted Planning Policy documents

Development Plan

There are a number of statutory development plans which make up the Island Development Plan. The intention is for this ′Development Plan′ to be made up of an Isle of Man Strategic Plan and one or more Area Plans. The framework is currently made up of:

In time, the 1982 Plan and the remaining Local Plans will be replaced entirely by Area Plans. All statutory Plans are approved by Tynwald. Further information on the Island Development plan, can be found the Development Plan webpage. 

Planning Policy Statements and Circulars

Work is ongoing to produce Planning Policy Statements (PPS) for further information can be found on the PPS webpage. Currently one PPS has been adopted and is available to download.

In addition, the circulars set out below remain in-force:

Development Orders

Very occasionally the Department will determine that there is a need to release land for development ahead of the preparation of an Area Plan.  In order to do this a Development Order is prepared. The DOs which are in force are available from the the Planning & Building Control Legislation page. 

Other Policy Work

In addition to the above, the following have been published and remain in-force.

Further to the Interim Policy Guidance, which was adopted at a Departmental Level, the more recent and more detailed Douglas Town Centre Masterplan was produced. This later document builds on the guidance and has been adopted by Tynwald. 

From time-to-time Evidence Base is published, on the Evidence Base webpage.

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