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31 Jul 2015Important Safety Notice – Kidde Fire BlanketsO.F.T
31 Jul 2015Isle of Man Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme Annual Report 2014/15 is publishedO.F.T
28 Jul 2015Beware of Phone Calls regarding Boiler Maintenance ContractsO.F.T
23 Jul 2015Manx Utilities Authority Issues Warning concerning Cold CallersO.F.T
24 Jun 2015Important Safety Notice – Kiddu Lane Group 1/2/3 Car SeatO.F.T
24 Jun 2015OFT Warns about Illegal MoneylendingO.F.T
26 May 2015Plan to Ban Sale of Sky LanternsO.F.T
8 May 2015SBIC Finance Limited and SML Limited – Expired Moneylenders registrationsO.F.T
5 May 2015Voluntary Regulation for the Island's Gas Supply MarketO.F.T
1 May 2015British Credit Trust (IOM) Ltd – Cancellation of Moneylenders registrationO.F.T
25 Mar 2015Important Safety Notice – Gold Glitter Decorative Pillar Candle sold by NextO.F.T
24 Mar 2015Tower Credit Limited – Cancellation of Moneylenders registrationO.F.T
13 Mar 2015Bogus Dyson EngineersO.F.T
9 Mar 2015Scams Awareness Goes on the Road O.F.T
10 Feb 2015Landmark Lending Ltd Trading as cashiteasyusa – Cancellation of registration under the Moneylenders Act 1991O.F.T
10 Feb 2015Short Duration Property Limited – Cancellation of Moneylenders registrationO.F.T
6 Feb 2015Do you Really Need Extra Insurance Cover for your Satellite TV Systems?O.F.T
16 Jan 2015Galt 1 Ltd Trading as Custom Payday – Cancellation of Moneylenders registrationO.F.T
13 Jan 2015Post Christmas Debt CheckO.F.T
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