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Useful Guides for Businesses

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading would like to remind businesses of two useful guides that it produces that will assist retailers in understanding their responsibilities under the law.

The Age Check CD-Rom based package is a training aid for retailers and licensees that aims to assist in ensuring that they and their staff are aware of the law surrounding age restricted goods.

The sale of goods such as cigarettes and tobacco products, alcohol, solvents, fireworks, videos, petrol and lottery tickets is controlled by laws restricting the age at which they can be bought. The Office is conscious of the problems retailers face in identifying the age of young people looking to buy these goods.

The package, which is free of charge, comprises a CD-Rom, a booklet explaining the law and a set of posters for display. The CD-Rom incorporates a locally made film which, as well as explaining the law, uses scenarios to show methods by which staff can refuse a sale without offending customers.

Any retailer or licensee that would like a copy of the training package should contact the Office on 686520.

The Office also produces a “Code of Practice for Traders on Price Indications in the Isle of Man”. It is a criminal offence for a person in the course of business to give consumers a misleading price indication for goods, services, accommodation (including the sale of new homes) or facilities.

This booklet was produced to give clear practical advice to businesses and a copy can be obtained from the Office on 686520 or alternatively it can be downloaded it from the Office’s website.

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