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Storage of Racing Fuel

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading is reminding all TT visitors and Island residents that there are controls in place governing the storage of petroleum spirit (‘petrol’) in quantities of more than 10 litres.

Anyone storing over 10 litres of petrol must obtain a licence from the Office of Fair Trading. This does not apply to petrol stored in the fuel tanks of vehicles.

In order to assist TT competitors a secure temporary licensed store has been organised which they can make use of by contacting G4S on 395283.

Competitors found with quantities of more than 10 litres of petrol will be given the opportunity to move the fuel to the store or to any other licensed store if the licensee agrees to take the fuel. Those who fail to avail themselves of this opportunity may find that their fuel is confiscated. They may also face legal action by the Office.

The Office is particularly concerned about racing fuel being stored illegally in domestic properties without the requisite licence. Storing excessive amounts of petrol is extremely dangerous as petrol will greatly increase the intensity of a fire and may cause it to spread very quickly to adjoining rooms or properties.

Advice on the safe storage and handling of petrol can be obtained on the Office’s website or by contacting the Office on 686500.

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