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Received goods you haven’t ordered?

Do you know what your rights are if goods arrive at your door that you did not order? From time to time the Office of Fair Trading is contacted by consumers saying that they have received goods through the post that they have not ordered. So what are consumers’ rights if they receive “unsolicited” goods?

Trading Standards Officer David Oldfield advises “It’s not unknown for unscrupulous companies to send out unsolicited goods to consumers whose names are on mailing lists they have bought. The goods are accompanied by an invoice for the goods and the companies rely on consumers believing that they must have forgotten that they ordered the goods or being so impressed with the goods that they pay for them.

Under the Unsolicited Goods and Services (Isle of Man) Act 1974, it is an offence to demand payment for goods known to be unsolicited, in other words, not ordered by the recipient. Someone who receives goods in these circumstances may retain them as an unconditional gift and does not have to pay for them or return them. However if the goods are not addressed to you but arrive at your address in error you should ask the delivery service to collect them for redirection”.

Chairman of the OFT Bill Henderson MHK commented “Although you receive the goods – this is still a scam. The companies send out cheap goods that few people would choose to buy and charge you for it. If you get an item like this and are sure that you have not ordered it, you do not have to pay for it or send it back. Report the matter to the OFT who will advise you on the disposal of the goods. If you need any further information you can contact the OFT on 686500 or speak to your MHK.”

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