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OFT Warns of Dangerous Fireworks being Sold

The OFT has received an unsubstantiated report of fireworks being sold out of a van in a pub car park. Due to the secretive nature of the alleged sales, there is a distinct possibility that the fireworks may be banned types and/or non-compliant with the relevant safety standards.

John Peet, Chief Inspector of Trading Standards, Office of Fair Trading said “DO NOT buy fireworks from anyone selling them out of the back of a van. Buy them locally from licensed shops which have been inspected by our Trading Standards staff or from other reputable sources. Fireworks can cause horrific personal injuries and it is simply ridiculous to even consider buying them from dodgy sources.”

Anyone with any information about the alleged sales, or anyone who has bought fireworks from someone selling them out of the back of a van should contact Trading Standards on 686500 or the police as soon as possible. If you have bought any fireworks in this manner do not light them.

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