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OFT pleased that consumers are receiving “A Full Pint”

Last year the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading (‘the OFT’) and the Licensing Forum launched a campaign to assure consumers that when they ask for a pint in any licensed premises on the Island that is what they will get.

The campaign entitled “A Full Pint” was supported by posters in pubs and in other licensed premises advising consumers of their right to a full measure.

Under Manx legislation, consumers are entitled to a full pint of liquid when ordering a pint of beer in the Isle of Man. The OFT monitors the actual volumes of beer served in licensed premises on the Island by making undercover test purchases. These test purchases reveal any short measures of beer being served.

Test purchases were made in licensed premises throughout the Island during TT 2009 and the results were encouraging. Warnings were issued in some cases but the actual volumes of beer served did not warrant any further action, i.e. formal cautions or prosecutions. Follow up visits were undertaken in some cases and these revealed that the warnings had been heeded.

Three consumers contacted the OFT to register complaints about short measures. Two during the TT fortnight and one a few days later. This is a very small number of complaints considering the number of visitors to the Island during the TT, the number of pints served during the fortnight and other potential difficulties such as the use of disposable plastic glasses in support of public safety and of inexperienced bar staff. Test purchases were made at the two pubs that were the subject of the two complaints received during TT and the results were satisfactory.

The OFT is keen to see the trade continue to play its part in promoting full measures of beer and fully supports the trade’s ‘top up’ initiative. However, the fact that customers are actively encouraged to ask for a top up does not mean that short measures will be tolerated- the initiative allows those who prefer less of a head on their pint to have their glass filled to their preference.

Anyone dissatisfied with the volume of their pint after asking for a top-up should contact the OFT on 686520.

Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading Mr Bill Henderson MHK commented “I am very pleased to see that the trade has worked with us to make sure that customers are getting what they pay for when they buy a pint. We check beer measures throughout the year but are pleased that standards were kept up at a busy time. This campaign has proved to be good news for locals and visitors alike.”

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