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Need a Proof of Age Card before TT Week?

With TT Week approaching and young people looking to go out socialising to pubs and clubs the Office of Fair Trading is reminding them of the availability of the Isle of Man Government 18+ Proof of Age Card. New PASS Proof of Age Card

In particular people attending the Villa Marina Gardens TT music events should be aware that an age related wrist band system will be operating. Those who can prove they are over 18 will be given an “over 18” coloured wrist band which will allow them to buy alcohol. Those who cannot prove they are over 18 will be given a differently coloured wristband which will mean they will not be able to buy alcoholic drinks.

The Isle of Man 18+ Proof of Age Card is accepted in the Island shops and licensed premises as a way for young people to prove they are over 18. Other acceptable forms of proof of age are a passport or driving license.

The Office is asking young people who want a card to make an application as soon as possible to ensure there is time to process their application before TT Week.

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