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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Prices- have your say!

As part of the ongoing investigation launched by the Office of Fair Trading into the prices charged by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, the Office is seeking views from members of the public and businesses. The investigation is considering the price of passenger and vehicle fares including fuel surcharges and freight charges.

A notice has been placed in local newspapers inviting comment from any person or organisation who believes they may have information which is relevant to the investigation.

Comments must be made in writing either by post, email or fax. A comments form has been added to the Office’s website as an additional means by which views can be submitted. Anyone submitting comments should identify any information that they would wish to remain confidential as relevant information received may be appended to the final report.

Research and Development Officer at the Office, Kirsty Hemsley said, "I would like to encourage members of the public and businesses to take this valuable chance to put forward views on this important subject that affects everyone, directly or indirectly. This is your chance to contribute to the investigation. The views expressed may be included (anonymously if requested) in the final report on the investigation when it is produced for the Council of Ministers to consider. Please note, that due to the envisaged high response rate, we will not be able to answer all correspondence, but I can assure people that all valid concerns will be scrutinised. I am hoping that we will receive helpful evidence and information. "


The investigation is being carried out under Section 19 of the Fair Trading Act 1996 which enables the Office of Fair Trading to conduct an investigation into any price which is of major public concern with a view to providing the Council of Ministers with information.

In 2001 the Fair Trading Act was amended to provide an additional stage of the investigation and where the subsequent report finds that particular prices are excessive and against the public interest the Council of Ministers now have powers to make an Order that can either fix prices or require them to be determined in a particular way.

Contact details for comments:-

Post: Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Investigation, Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading, Government Building, Lord Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1LE


Fax: (01624) 686504

Submissions should be received no later than Friday 25 September 2009. Please identify any information which you would wish to remain confidential or anonymous as submissions received may be referred to in or appended to the report.

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