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The Office of Fair Trading wishes to advise consumers and businesses that the current Isle of Man Government 18+ Proof of Age Card Scheme will be discontinued from 31st December 2012. In its place a new Isle of Man Government card scheme will be introduced during the first quarter of next year.

The decision to discontinue the Scheme follows the Board’s review of its services in the light of available funding as a result of which priority unfortunately has to be given to other, principally statutory services.

The value of the Card Scheme for consumers and businesses is not in doubt and the Office is pleased that a new scheme will be introduced in the near future.

Consumers and businesses will notice little difference between the current and the future scheme. The process for producing the cards will remain the same, including the application of the same security checks on applicants and their counter-signatories. The design of the card will be similar; the only difference will be the removal of the PASS logo on the face of the card and the change of contact details on the rear. All other security features on the card will remain.

The Office was an accredited member of (UK) PASS (The National Proof of Age Standards Scheme). However having applied PASS’s valuable guidance on standards in establishing the process for the production of the card it is not now considered necessary to continue with the accreditation as the process is secure.

Office of Fair Trading issued cards will remain valid until the expiry date printed on the individual card (normally five years from the date of application) however replacements for lost, stolen or damaged cards will not be available from the Office. Anyone in this situation will have to make a completely new application to the new scheme.

Information on the new scheme will be released in due course.

Chief Officer of the Office of Fair Trading Mike Ball said “The Office is sorry not to be able to continue with the Scheme but it is very pleased that a new scheme will be introduced next year. Consumers and businesses will notice little difference both between the process and the card itself so the transition between the two schemes should be a smooth one.”

Sufficient processing time is required for the production of the cards and consumers are asked to make any applications by Wednesday 19th December at the latest for cards which are needed for Christmas or New Year.

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