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Inheritance Scam

A new potential scam has been brought to the attention of the Office and the Isle of Man Constabulary. The possible scam involves consumers being advised, either by email or letter, that they have inherited money.

Personal details are requested and later requests for money to be sent to cover expenses may be made.

The correspondence claims that the senders are private investment managers making contact regarding an estate in the same name as the consumer to whom the letter or email is addressed. They ask for the consumer to keep the details of the correspondence confidential. Sometimes the content is brief and at other times long with unnecessary details - often the spelling and grammar is poor and contact details are usually to free email accounts or fax numbers.

Genuine and professional probate researchers DO NOT make contact by email; they usually make contact by telephone, letter or in person. They normally have some form of identification and will quite happily allow you to take advice before agreeing to discussions on the subject of a possible inheritance.

Consider discussing any such contact or correspondence with friends or relatives or seek advice from the Office of Fair Trading on 686500 before becoming involved.

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