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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE - Recall – Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading wishes to make consumers aware of a recall of Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets including Junior Lifejackets.

The Office has become aware that some Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets may have a defect which could result in serious injury.

The lifejackets are marked with a manufacture date in roman numerals, for instance the last quarter of 2005 is shown IV/05. The quarters concerned are:

IV/05, I/06, II/06, III/06, IV/06, I/07

If you own a Seago 150 or 175 Newton Lifejacket including Junior Lifejackets please check the manufacture date.

If you have an affected lifejacket then PLEASE STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. It is known that a number of the Lifejackets were sold on the Island however the lifejackets should not be returned to the retailer but directly to the manufacturer. Please remove the gas cylinder manually from the inflation system and return the lifejacket only to Seago Yachting Ltd, Mullany Business Park, Golden Cross, Halisham, East Sussex, BN27 3RP for testing. Any faulty jackets will be replaced. Jackets which are tested and found not to be faulty will be returned.

If you require any further information please contact Seago Yachting Ltd on 01825 873632.

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