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Important Safety Notice - Currys - Logik LVD7W15 Tumble Dryer

The Office of Fair Trading is making the public aware of a potential safety issue with a small batch of Logik LVD7W15 tumble dryers, manufactured between March and April 2016, and sold by Currys.

The heating element can overheat and this may lead to a fire.

What you need to do:

Until your tumble dryer is confirmed as not at risk, you should STOP using it immediately. Switch it off and unplug it at the mains.

If you have not yet been contacted by Currys, call Knowhow on 0344 561 6202 with the serial number of the tumble dryer (it’s on the inside of the door or on the rating label on the back) and your post code at time of purchase.

If your tumble dryer is affected, Currys will arrange for a technician to visit you to replace the heating element free of charge.

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