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Important Safety Notice – MSpa ‘Bubble Spa’ Inflatable Spas

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading wishes to make the public aware of an important safety warning in relation to MSpa ‘Bubble Spa’ inflatable spas.

Picture of Inflatable Spa

The models concerned are B-090, B-091, B-100, B-110, B-112, B-120, B-121, B-130, B-131, B-132, B-140, B-141, B-150, B-151, B-152, B-160 and B-170.

Authorities in the Netherlands reported incidents where users of Mspa ‘Bubble Spa’ inflatable spas complained that they received electric shocks on contact with the water in the spa.

An investigation by the Dutch Authorities identified the probable cause to be a defect in the heating element which created a risk of electric shock.

If you own a spa of this brand and model you should immediately turn the power off by taking the plug from the socket and take appropriate steps to ensure that it cannot be (accidently) plugged in by someone else.

The model can be identified by the inscription on the outside near the control panel.

You should contact the vendor/dealer for further information.

Local consumers looking to purchase an inflatable spa online should pay particular attention to this warning notice.

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