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The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading wishes to make the public aware of a potential safety hazard with SANYO microwave ovens. Only SANYO microwave ovens with the model numbers EM-C8787B UK2 and EM-C8787W are affected.

A possible defect has been discovered in the microwave ovens concerned, which were manufactured from February 2010 and sold in the UK from March 2010 until January 2012.

For any microwave oven with one of the above model numbers and a serial number on the list below there is the potential of electricity leakage which may potentially cause a severe electric shock.

You can locate the model number and the serial number of your microwave oven on a label found on the back of the microwave. Please UNPLUG the microwave BEFORE searching for the serial number.

If your microwave has one of the above model numbers and a serial number on the list below, STOP using your microwave immediately, UNPLUG the power cord and contact SANYO using the contact details below.

Sanyo MicrowaveSanyo Serial Numbers

Contact the Sanyo Sales & Marketing Europe Customer Contact Centre on +44 08009 230019 (freephone) or +44 01923 477351 between 9am and 5pm. A full refund will be given to anyone who has purchased one of the affected microwaves.

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