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Beware of ‘Phone Calls Offering Insurance Cover for Satellite TV Systems

The Office of Fair Trading is again receiving complaints from consumers concerned by ‘phone calls they have received offering insurance cover for satellite TV systems.

The callers suggest that consumers need to take out further insurance cover as the cover they previously had has run out.

The Office is advising consumers on the calls during which they may be asked to provide financial details:-

  • If you are concerned about the call put the phone down immediately. Failing that tell the caller that you do not wish to be contacted in this way and put the ‘phone down. Do not become trapped in a discussion with the caller – make sure you control the conversation so you are not manipulated into agreeing to something.
  • Check any existing satellite insurance policy you may have. Has the insurance cover run out?
  • Check with your insurers and find out if you are covered under your home insurance policy.
  • Do you really need the insurance cover? Do you know the likely cost of repairing or replacing your system? Check with local installers/repairers to find out what they would charge. You may find that a new system will not cost you much more than the annual insurance premium quoted. Do not provide any financial details until you have taken the above steps and decided to accept the offer - in particular do not give your credit or debit card details as these transactions can be difficult to cancel with your Bank.

Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading Bill Henderson MHK advises "There is no doubt that many consumers feel intimidated by calls like this. That is the way that these businesses work – they pressure you into accepting offers without giving you time to think about it properly, and if they can will make you tell them your bank details. Our advice is that you should never accept offers under such circumstances. Put the phone down. If you feel you need this type of insurance shop around and ask for quotations from local service providers. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions offered and exactly what services are to be provided. You may find it very difficult to obtain redress from these companies should the need arise as they may not based in the Island. If you wish to speak to someone about a call you have received you can speak to one of our consumer advisers on 686500.

Remember you can reduce the number of telesales calls you receive by registering with the Telephone Preference Service at or by calling 0845 0700707.”

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