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Beware of “Amazon” Scam

Consumers are being warned to be on their guard about possible scam emails.

A local resident has advised the Office that they received an email claiming to be from a well known online retailer. The email, received at their work email address, read as follows:

“This notice has been automatically generated by our security systems to inform you that on Thursday 16th May 2013 multiple unsuccessful attempts were made to access your account. As we take security of our customers accounts seriously we ask that you login using the following link to verify your account.

Yours Sincerely, Accounts”

Faced with such an email members of the public are advised not to try and log in to their account using the hyperlink supplied. If consumers have any doubts about problems or activities on such accounts, they should log in to the site using the known website address and report any concerns directly via the “Help” section on the Amazon website.

Consumers are warned to be suspicious of any unsolicited emails, letters or phone calls.

Further advice and information on scams can be sought from the Office on 686500.

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