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Bay Festival Refund Advice

The Office of Fair Trading is offering the following advice to consumers subsequent to the cancellation of the Bay Festival.

It would appear that consumers who bought tickets for the festival entered into a contract with the organiser. The cancellation of the festival may, therefore, constitute a breach of contract, in which case consumers would normally be entitled to a full refund.

The Office is in the process of contacting the organiser of the festival to confirm that it is intended that consumers will receive a full refund and also to obtain further information about the refund process. Once this information has been received the Office will issue further advice.

At this juncture, the Office advises consumers to follow the process which the organiser has put in place. Should this process prove to be unsatisfactory, i.e. consumers are not refunded in full, further advice will be issued.

Consumers are advised to take care when following the refund process and obtain proof of postage when making their claim for a refund.

The Chief Officer of the Office Paul Gelling said “At the moment the situation is not completely clear. I am trying to obtain further information from the organiser however I have no reason to doubt at this point that full refunds will be paid. Once the situation becomes clearer the Office can advise consumers further.”

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