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Avoid “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading is warning consumers to think very carefully before committing themselves to “get rich quick” schemes. These schemes come in many different forms but they all offer the same thing – an apparently easy way to make money.

The latest scheme to come to the attention of the OFT involves the consumer responding to an advertisement for an alleged job opportunity. It claims to offer the individual employment which will involve evaluating the services of a shop or shopping centre provided to them by the company concerned. They will also be asked to rate the service given by the employees at the shop. The monetary rewards for doing this work appear to be fantastic.

These “get rich quick” employment schemes are intended to lure consumers into thinking that if they take part they will make a killing. The truth is they are just scams, designed to rip people off. Seek advice from the OFT on 686500 if you have any concerns about a scheme you may be considering taking part in.

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