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Important Safety Notice – Kiddu Lane Group 1/2/3 Car Seat

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading wishes to make the public aware of an important safety notice which has been issued in relation to the Kiddu Lane multi-group forward-facing car seat.

Whilst the seat has not been widely available in the Isle of Man, according to the ‘Which?’ website it was available in Tesco and Asda in the UK and also via Amazon.

A potential safety issue has been identified when the seat is used in Group 1 format, i.e. with the buckle and harness. In rare cases, due to a potential manufacturing defect, the buckle may open in the event of an impact.

If you are using the seat in Group 1 format, stop doing so immediately and phone the distributer’s helpline on 0161 702 5061 for further advice.

You should also make use of the same helpline if you have any concerns about using the seat as a booster in either Group 2 format (High Back Booster) or Group 3 format (Booster), i.e. with the car seat belt rather than the buckle and harness.

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