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Did you know we now have a new website which has a growing library of cyber security tips, advice and resources to help keep yourself secure when using computers, devices and the Internet? Please visit our website, 

The Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA) was established by a Council of Ministers Directive in October 2017.

It acts as the focal point in developing the Island's cyber resilience, working in partnership with private and third sector organisations across the Island alongside the wider population.

Work will ensure that departments, boards, offices and other public authorities can deter and defend against cybercrime by maintaining and sharing information. OCSIA will provide assurance that all government entities are operating at an appropriate level of cyber security and support the wider all-Government response to a cyber-incident.

In addition, through a network of specialist cyber awareness roles, and in conjunction with Government Departmental Senior Information Risk Owners, OCSIA will provide central policy advice, standards, direction and support to allow all Government Departments and Statutory Boards to both defend against cyber-crime and maximise the safe use of all the information they hold.

National Cyber-Security Strategy

The Isle of Man National Cyber-Security Strategy was published in July 2022.

The updated cyber-security strategy focuses on awareness and education, building on the actions of the first strategy to provide practical and targeted guidance and advice to residents and businesses.

There are also actions in the strategy to increase our Island’s resilience to online threats, as the number of cyber-attacks on local businesses continues to rise along with the scope and scale of the types of attacks.

There are five priorities identified in the strategy;

1. Safer and secure citizens in cyber space

If we are to have a safer & secure presence in a digital world we must equip our citizens appropriately and this starts by making them aware of how to use the technologies safely, identify potential risks and to minimise the impact of cyber issues

2. Resilient and responsive digital Island

A core activity of cyber-security is to develop an ability to be resilient to cyber-issues and this comes hand in hand with the abilities to identify and respond. The resilience of the Island will depend on the ability to identify the issue and then act promptly and effectively (the response). To react effectively requires the skills and tools. This area of priority expands from building a resilient critical national infrastructure to being able to respond to cyber incidents across the Island.

3. Education and skills for a safe, secure and resilient digital economy

As the Isle of Man and its economy becomes ever more reliant on digital services and information so an increasing reliance on a cyber-capable workforce, able to prevent, adapt and respond to threats as they develop will be required. 

4. Deter, detect, disrupt and respond to cyber-crime

The criminal elements of society will continue to commit crime and the digital environment is no exception. The evolution of these crimes is likely to impact ever more severely, and the disruption and costs are likely to be proportionate. The Island’s response needs to accept this and meet the challenge. The Isle of Man must proactively and collaboratively prevent, investigate, deter and respond to cyber-crime, cyber-enabled crime and terrorist use of the Internet.

5. Internationally responsible

The Isle of Man’s interests on the global diplomatic stage will be advanced and protected through our relationship with the UK but that does not mean we will be a silent partner. The Island will continue to champion a free, open and secure internet as far as reasonably practicable.

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