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Your chance to support modernisation of education law

Thursday, 28 March 2024

The public’s views are being sought on various aspects of the education system including catchment areas, additional educational needs and mobile phone use.

The results of the Education Amendment Bill consultation will modernise areas of existing education law and policy. It is hoped that amendments to the Education Act 2001 will help to meet the needs for the delivery of education provision for the future.

The Education (Amendment) Bill is due to be introduced into the branches of Tynwald early 2025.

Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, Daphne Caine MHK, said:

‘This consultation is an opportunity for anybody with an interest in the education of children and young people on the Island to help shape future education law.

‘It is a key piece of work which contributes to Our Island Plan, in particular the aim of providing ‘Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all. 

‘I would encourage anybody with a view they’d like to share to complete the consultation, ensuring that the development of education legislation and policy  on the Island reflects the needs of children and young people in today’s society.’

The consultation is available on the consultation hub, and will run until 10 May. Responses can also be submitted via email to or paper copies can be obtained from DESC Policy Hub, Thie Slieau Whallian, Foxdale Rd, St John's IM4 3AS.

The topics covered by the consultation include:

  • Additional educational needs
  • Routes of appeal
  • The emergency closure of schools
  • Religious education
  • Governing bodies
  • Home education
  • Admissions and catchment areas
  • Mobile phone use in schools.

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