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Customs and Immigration teams join forces at ports

Monday, 15 January 2024

The Customs and Excise division of the Treasury will formally take responsibility for Passports, Immigration and Nationality services (PIN) tomorrow (Tuesday 16 January).

The move will lead to the division being renamed Customs and Immigration and is designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness through shared resources and personnel.

The Isle of Man is committed to the Common Travel Area (CTA) agreement and Customs and Excise Agreement with the UK, with both requiring law enforcement activities. Merging the teams will create a single enforcement team working at the Island’s ports and on immigration matters to ensure compliance with these commitments.

As there are a large number of common themes in respect of the work undertaken by both teams, the move is aimed at increasing flexibility, resilience and effectiveness.

Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan MHK said:

‘Improving national security and addressing strategic risk are highlighted within the Cabinet Office Department Plan 2023 and these changes will help to deliver that. Keeping pace with enforcement and immigration requirements is crucial, particularly around preserving the security of the Common Travel Area in addition to protecting the Isle of Man.

‘Enabling the immigration team to join colleagues in Customs, who share many responsibilities which align, avoids the need to expand both areas in terms of staff numbers. As a result, this restructuring will place the Island on a much firmer footing going forward in terms of response and capability.’

Sandra Simpson will continue to lead the division as Head of Customs and Immigration, and Collector of Customs and Excise, while Annie Taylor will retain her position as Head of Passports, Immigration and Nationality.

Mrs Simpson said:

‘The changes coming into effect this week will have a number of benefits at our ports through the creation of a single law enforcement team. The challenge is to maintain compliance with legislation and protect our borders. This move will both assist the existing Customs and Excise operation as well as support the PIN team in meeting their obligations.’

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