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Consultation seeks to safeguard essential services from cyber attacks

Monday, 5 February 2024

Cyber consultation

Isle of Man residents and businesses are urged to help shape legislation that will safeguard essential services, including electricity, water, and telecommunications, from evolving cyber threats.

The proposed National Infrastructure Security Bill aims to enhance the Island's cyber resilience.

The principles of the Bill aim to protect national infrastructure by establishing standards in law, particularly for those sectors identified as critical to the Island. This move is geared towards ensuring uninterrupted services, a well-regulated environment and supporting the growth of the digital economy.

For the public, this means enhanced protection against potential disruptions to daily life and services they rely on, as well as contributing to the overall resilience and security of the island's infrastructure.

To ensure the legislation is comprehensive and appropriate, the Department is seeking public views on the key policy principles that will underpin the Bill.

Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, Jane Poole-Wilson MHK, said:

‘We recognise the need to address cyber threats to essential services and infrastructure on the Isle of Man. The National Infrastructure Security Bill aims to enhance our cyber resilience, particularly for our core digital services.

‘This consultation seeks input on the key policy principles to inform the legislative drafting process. It is a chance for the public to contribute to legislation that ensures the Island's critical infrastructure remains secure against cyber threats.’

The National Infrastructure Security consultation is available on the consultation hub, and will run until 25 March.

Responses can be submitted online, via email to or paper responses can be sent to Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance, 2nd Floor Former Lower Douglas Police Station, Fort Street, Douglas IM1 2SR

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