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Jurby pupils conquer Isle of Arran in annual adventure

Monday, 17 July 2023

Jurby pupils conquer Isle of Arran in annual adventure

Jurby Community School recently completed their annual learning adventure, this time exploring the Isle of Arran. During their visit, the students successfully conquered ‘Goat Fell’ - the highest point on the island (984m) – and claim to be the first school group from the Isle of Man to achieve this feat.

The challenging 9-hour walk required physical and mental resilience as they faced steep inclines, deceptive summits, and the scorching summer heat. Overcoming both physical and mental obstacles, the students embraced the mantra "positive thinking will get you a long way". Working together as a team, the children supported and encouraged one another to ensure everyone reached the summit.

The following day, the students enjoyed a refreshing river walk, testing their teamwork and camaraderie as they navigated slippery sections and assisted each other in sliding down into pools. They further solidified their teamwork skills with a stand-up paddle boarding session on ‘Loch Lochranza’, where coordination was key. Laughter filled the air as they experienced unexpected dips in the sea during this steep learning curve.

The Headteacher, Will Nelson, who accompanied the students said: 

‘On behalf of the staff and pupils, I would like to express our thanks to Adventureology for going the extra mile. Unlike traditional school trips where the children take part in an activity for a shorter length of time, we built this bespoke trip to ensure that the children got the most out of every day.’

Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, Julie Edge MHK, said:

‘I am thrilled to see the remarkable resilience and courage displayed by the students of Jurby Community School during their expedition.

‘This experience not only builds character but also equips them with valuable skills to overcome future obstacles and succeed in life. I extend my gratitude to everyone involved for providing this exceptional educational trip for our young learners.’

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