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Update on the independent COVID review

Monday, 16 January 2023

Joint news release from the Isle of Man Government and Kate Brunner KC, Chair of the Independent COVID Review

Work is continuing on the independent review into how the Isle of Man Government handled the COVID pandemic.

A new dedicated website for the independent review has launched at

The independent review team is analysing the large body of documentation which is already in the public domain. An examination of additional documentation from Government departments and statutory boards has commenced, as well as meetings with civil and public servants.

The Isle of Man Government is continuing to assist the review’s independent chair Kate Brunner KC and her team. 

All parts of the public service have been identifying, collating and categorising all information relating to the pandemic to prepare for its transfer to the review team in January 2023. This will give the review team a more complete picture of the Government’s response as well as support its interviews with current officers and ministers.

The Council of Ministers has issued a direction to Government departments and statutory boards which provides a legal basis on which these bodies can provide information to the review team. This direction will be laid before Tynwald in February 2023.

The review will also be seeking information from the public, non-government bodies, and previous officers and ministers.

It is expected that public engagement will start by June 2023. The Chair of the review aims to produce the final report by the end of 2023.

As Chair, Kate Brunner KC retains the discretion to recommend that a statutory inquiry rather than a review is required in relation to any part of the investigation.

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