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Manx Care delivers pay award for hardworking staff

Thursday, 21 December 2023

Pay Settlement Agreement 2022/2023

Manx Care has agreed (through joint staff side unions representing the different staff groups) the following pay settlement for the 2022/2023 financial year.

The total consolidated award for 22/23 amounts to 6% plus a £1,500 increase in each pay point. The actual percentage increase differs for each pay grade, with the greatest increases for lower grades. But on average, this means a combined 8.75% pay increase for 22/23.

Since April 2021, when Manx Care was established, salaries have increased by 13% on average. The increases actually range from 11%-19% depending on grade. Most of our staff (Band 7 & below) will receive increases of more than 13%. In contrast, salaries for PSC Staff have increased by 7%.

Please see the list below for more context:


  • 21/22 - 4%
  • 22/23 - 8.75%
  • To Date - 13%


  • 21/22 - 4%
  • 22/23 - 8.75%
  • To Date - 13%


  • 21/22 - 1%
  • 22/23 - 6%
  • To Date - 7%

The new rates of pay will be effective from 1 April 2022 with the new rate and arrears being paid in January.

Claire Ellis, Chair of Staff Side representatives, said:

‘I’m pleased that our constructive discussions have led to a positive outcome for colleagues. We have been committed to making progress on this matter, and are glad that it has been worthwhile.’

Teresa Cope, Manx Care CEO, added:

‘I am so glad to see that our open and productive negotiations have achieved this result for our colleagues – it is great to see their hard work acknowledged and recognised.'

This outcome finalises the pay negotiations for all Manx Care staff with the Public Service Commission agreeing a pay award of 6% for 22/23 and Medical and Dental colleagues agreeing a pay award of 6% plus £1,000 consolidated sum for 22/23.

Pay Settlement Agreement 2023/2024

Manx Care have made an offer of 6% to MPTC/NJC and Medical and Dental staff for 2023/2024. This matches the offer made to, and accepted by, the Public Services Commission (PSC) earlier in the year. MPTC/NJC staff side organisations intend to ballot their members on this offer in the week commencing 22 January 2024.

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