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Digital ID launched for alcohol purchases

Wednesday, 20 December 2023


Residents will now be able to use digital forms of identification when purchasing alcohol on licensed premises or from off-licences.

Digital Connect ID has been approved as a convenient alternative to carrying a verified physical ID such as a passport, driving licence or proof of age card.

The Department of Home Affairs has powers under the Liquor Licensing and Public Entertainments Act 2021 to approve a form of age verification. The Department has worked together with the Licensing Forum to agree to the use of the applications that make up Digital Connect ID as the first form of electronic age verification.

Digital Connect is a collaboration between YOTI, Lloyds Bank and the UK Post Office, bringing age verification into the digital age and offering a seamless way for consumers to prove their age.

This means that when residents visit pubs, clubs or off-licensed premises to purchase alcohol, they will be able to prove their age by using one of the approved apps on a smartphone

There are currently three free and user-friendly apps which are accepted - from YOTI, Lloyds Bank and the UK Post Office.

This not only reduces the hassle of remembering and managing multiple cards but also enhances security through robust verification processes.

The rollout of Digital Connect ID on the Island is already underway, with many establishments now accepting those digital IDs, marking a significant step towards a more streamlined and efficient age verification process.

Establishments are not required to accept Digital IDs, and there will be a transition period for businesses who will accept Digital ID. During this transition period residents should continue to carry alternative physical ID, ensuring a smooth and gradual shift to the Digital Connect ID platform.

The Digital Connect ID Trustmark indicates if the form of ID is accepted.

The apps are already available for download on Apple and Android devices through their app store. Users will be required to submit current identification and two-factor authentication requirements as part of the sign up process.

For more information, you can visit the Digital Connect ID webpage.

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