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Statement: Wright’s Pit North

Wednesday, 6 December 2023

Following a recent meeting of the Tynwald Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee, clarification has been obtained from the planning inspector regarding a comment in her report on a planning application to extend the use of Wright’s Pit North until 2030.

Concern was raised by the Committee as to how the planning inspector‘s report contained reference to being advised that plans for a replacement site had been submitted and the Committee queried whether the inspector had been misled. The Department of Infrastructure did not advise the inspector that plans for a replacement site had been submitted.

Planning inspector Jennifer Vyse has acknowledged that she has no record of a conversation taking place regarding a replacement facility, alongside the following explanation: 'I do not have a record of who said anything about the replacement facility referred to at para 23 of my report.  However, and in any event, the absence of an application for a non-inert facility, pursuant to the non-statutory Waste Regulation Policy, had no bearing on my eventual recommendation. See eg my paras 53, 54 and 61.'

The planning inspector's report can be found on the Tynwald website at the following link:

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