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Nearly 900 students receive Level 1 and 2 qualification results

Thursday, 24 August 2023

Nearly 900 secondary school students have picked up their GCSE, IGCSE and other Level 1 and 2 qualifications in the Isle of Man today.

Alongside their IGCSEs and GCSEs, many students also received a result for a technical or vocational qualification (TVQ), where assessment is focused on the demonstration of employability skills and practical competencies. 

Students receiving these results may choose to move directly into employment in key areas such as construction, engineering, ICT or hospitality, or progress into Further Education.

2023 Provisional Isle of Man Level 1 & 2 Results

  • Overall Level 1 & 2 pass rate (IGCSE/GCSE grades A*-G or equivalent) is 98 %
  • Level 2 pass rate (IGCSE/ GCSE grades A*-C or equivalent) is 72 %
  • Pass rate at the highest grades (IGCSE/GCSE grades A*-A or equivalent) is 21 % 

At UCM, following the removal of fees for English and maths at Level 2 and below, 220 students sat the two subjects at GCSE, with an overall pass rate of 98%. For maths 49% achieved a 4 (equivalent to a C) or above, well in access of the UK rate for Further Education Colleges (FECs) at 15%. For English, 67% achieved a C or above, well above the 23% achieved in UK FECs. A further 40 students sat Level 2 Functional Skills English with a high pass rate of 62%. 

Indicative destination data for the class of 2023 shows nearly 90% of those who completed Year 11 are expected to continue in full-time education in September, through school sixth forms or University College Isle of Man (UCM).

Julie Edge MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said:

‘I’d like to extend my congratulations to every student who received their results today. Now they are at the end of their compulsory schooling, they are faced with a number of choices, which can sometimes feel both exciting and overwhelming.

‘I am grateful to our committed staff who have played a pivotal role in preparing these young people for the path ahead. Whether the future leads into Further Education, an apprenticeship, or the world of work, I wish them all the very best of luck. Education continues whether it’s through academic, vocational or learn and earn - the Island has opportunities for all.’ 

What support is available?

Staff have worked with students to ensure they have a planned positive way forward at the end of Year 11, but further advice and guidance is still available to anyone who needs it.

School and UCM staff will be able to advice on specific study options, and there are a number of online resources to support school leavers with decision-making around their next steps. Additional support is also available through sessions with qualified Careers Advisers.

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