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Opening of first primary school cycle shelter

Friday, 27 May 2022

Laxey School cycle shelter

Laxey School is the first of the Island’s primary schools to install a covered cycle shelter, providing pupils and staff with a dedicated bicycle storage area. 

The shelter provides a dedicated space for 10 bicycles to be stored during the school day – where they can be left safely and will be protected from the weather. 

The installation of this shelter is a continuation of the scheme previously rolled out at secondary schools to support pupils and staff who cycle to school, and has been requested by a number of primary schools on the Island. 

At Laxey School the Pupil Council worked with the Active Travel Liaison Officer to carry out an extensive travel and road safety survey, which showed that nearly 40% of pupils would like to be able to cycle to school. 

Head Teacher of Laxey School, Mr Max Kelly, Said:

‘The results of the Pupil Council survey show there’s a huge interest from our pupils in using active travel to get to school. We hope the dedicated cycle shelter will encourage cycling to school – by providing reassurance to parents and pupils that there are safe and secure facilities at the school.’ 

He continued

‘It would be great to see families having conversations about active travel options – especially during the summer months, and planning together safe routes to school with their children; they may also consider teaming up with other families to share out supervision of active travel journeys.’  

Breeshey Harkin, Active Travel Liaison Officer said:

‘We are delighted to be supporting and facilitating active travel choices for pupils on the Island. Pupils regularly cite the fresh air, connection with nature and ability to travel with their friends as their key motivations for choosing active travel, and they are very aware of the beneficial impact on their health and our shared environment.’ 

Active travel projects have been running at schools throughout this year to motivate pupils and families to think about how they travel.  The benefits of active travel are wide-ranging, from improving physical and mental health, to ensuring young people arrive feeling relaxed, alert and ready for the school day.  Reducing car journeys also has a positive impact on air quality and congestion around schools, and saves money on fuel costs. 

There is also a focus on road safety, ensuring that cycle training is available to all primary schools on the Island through the Road Safety team. 

Road Safety Ops Manager, Mrs Berni Hall, said:

‘We are delighted to offer cycle training to all primary schools on the Island. Every pupil that takes part thoroughly enjoys the course and the freedom they then have once they have completed cycle training. The team feel it is important for children to learn this life skill to help with health and wellbeing as they grow into young adults. With Active Travel being promoted more on the Island we feel that the cycling training offered is a stepping stone towards children making the right choices for travelling in the future.’ 

Information and guidance for the use of the shelter will be provided to parents and guardians of pupils at Laxey School in the coming days.

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