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Manx Care launches healthcare signposting campaign

Thursday, 26 May 2022

A campaign to signpost visitors and Isle of Man residents to the most appropriate Manx Care setting to meet their needs is been launched by the health and statutory social care provider in time for the TT fortnight.

Manx Care is encouraging residents and visitors alike to make an informed choice about where they seek healthcare support from on the Island, and choose the option that is most appropriate for their clinical needs. For example, does someone need to attend the Emergency Department at Noble’s Hospital, or would another setting be better suited to treat their condition, for example the Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit at Ramsey Cottage Hospital? 

The campaign launches today (Thursday 26 May), with signposting webpages having been developed in multiple languages helping people to decide which setting they should attend based on their symptoms. These can be accessed from the Signposting web site.

Manx Care’s CEO, Teresa Cope, commented:

“Our signposting campaign is aimed at local residents, but for the next fortnight is targeted particularly at visitors who are here for the TT. We want to make sure that everyone who requires our services goes to the most appropriate place to receive them, and raise awareness of the broad range of healthcare options that are available to them on the Island. Many of the people who might ordinarily attend the Emergency Department at Noble’s Hospital could be treated quickly at the Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit at Ramsey, and in some cases could receive advice from a Community Pharmacy too. Community Pharmacists may be able to offer treatment under the Minor Ailments scheme, for example. We want to make sure people are seen as quickly as possible, and at the same time alleviate pressure on our Emergency Department which we know is particularly busy across the TT period.

“I’d encourage everyone – visitors and Manx residents – to take a look at our signposting information so they’re prepared in case of illness or injury.”

Manx Care has also engaged with a number of local businesses, including hotels, pubs and campsites, who will be displaying posters featuring a QR code in their premises, which will allowing people to quickly access the signposting pages online.

Whilst the information will remain relevant for residents following the TT fortnight, visitors will find useful information including how to register as a temporary resident at a GP practice should they need treatment during their time on the Island. In addition, there will be information about X-Ray availability at the Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit at Ramsey, which will be offered daily across the TT period.

Manx Care will also be posting signposting information regularly on its social media channels throughout the fortnight.

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