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Manx Care seeking arbitration on pay deal for MPTC staff

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Further to the statement issued by Manx Care on 23 March 2022 in regard to the offer of a 4% pay increase for its MPTC staff (copied below for reference), and following talks yesterday between Management representatives and staff side representatives, Manx Care is firmly committed to fairly rewarding colleagues and is pursuing arbitration in accordance with the dispute resolution process agreed previously with staff side representatives in order to bring this issue to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Statement issued to the media by Manx Care on 23 March 2022

Manx Care acknowledges that the offer of a 4% pay increase has been declined, and will hold talks with union representatives imminently to try to progress this matter and consider next steps. The organisation is currently considering all of the options available to it. The offer of a 4% increase is considerably higher than the initial 1% that was budgeted for in the current financial year. The offer matches the overall offer agreed in Scotland and exceeds the 3% pay increase to NHS staff in England.

To provide some additional context, salary scales in the Isle of Man are ahead of those in England given the need to attract healthcare staff to the Island. If it had been accepted, the 4% offer would have given colleagues anywhere between a 14% and a 29% pay lead over comparable positions in England. We believe that any pay offer should recognise the contribution that our staff make, and yet should be balanced against the need to continue to deliver public services in a very challenging and unprecedented economic environment.

We would like to again take this opportunity to put on record our public thanks to the staff-side colleagues for their contribution to the pay negotiation talks over the last nine months.

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