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More education to keep people safe online

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

National cyber security strategy 2022-2027 banner

The Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA) have published the National Cyber-Security Strategy 2022-2027, with the vision to make the Isle of Man a safe, secure and resilient place in the digital world.

The updated cyber-security strategy focuses on awareness and education, building on the actions of the first strategy to provide practical and targeted guidance and advice to residents and businesses.

There are also actions in the strategy to increase our Island’s resilience to online threats, as the number of cyber-attacks on local businesses continues to rise along with the scope and scale of the types of attacks.

There are five priorities identified in the strategy:

  • Safer and secure citizens in cyber space
  • Resilient and responsive digital Island
  • Education and skills for a safe, secure and resilient digital economy
  • Deter, detect, disrupt and respond to cyber-crime
  • Internationally responsible

To achieve these priorities OCSIA will be looking at the accessibility and ease of reporting cyber-incidents, and improving the range of support that can be accessed.

There will also be a focus on expanding the educational tools that are available for citizens to help them become safe online, alongside increasing efforts to educate those members of our community who are vulnerable online – including the elderly and children.

As part of this commitment to improving awareness and education, CyberIsle will be returning this year in October. It will be host to a programme of presentations and workshops for businesses charities and individuals. Places for this free event can be booked online.

There is a range of practical targeted advice available on the OCSIA website and social media channels, including information on how to report and respond to cyber incidents such as ransomware attacks.

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