First details of 2021 Census report published

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

A report containing the first details of the 2021 Isle of Man Census has been published.

The 2021 Isle of Man Census provides a snapshot consisting of major demographic figures and several key economic statistics for the Isle of Man.

The figures released today show that the Island’s population stood at 84,069, an increase of 0.9% on 2016. The average age of residents has risen from 42.5 to 44.4.

In addition, the number of people in employment has increased by 1,930 people (4.6%) while the economically active population rose to 44,875, an increase of 4.9%.

This report also contains detailed statistics covering a range of characteristics of the Island’s population such as the age distribution on the Isle of Man, the distribution across the towns, villages, and parishes, and the composition of the Island’s population with regards to nationality, religion, and the prevalence of the Manx language.

A second report will be made available in May and will consist of detailed analysis regarding residents’ occupations and information pertaining to the types of households on the Island.

The report has been published eight months following the Census, meaning it is available four months earlier than results of 2011 Census. 

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