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More children and young people to receive psychological therapy support from Minds Matter than anticipated

Thursday, 8 December 2022

One hundred and forty eight children and young people have received psychological therapy treatment through Manx Care’s partnership with Minds Matter to date.

The partnership between the Island’s health and statutory social care provider and the highly respected local mental health charity MCH Psychological Services (the charity behind Minds Matter and Isle Listen) is beginning to address the lengthy waiting list for CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), as part of Manx Care’s focus on reducing waiting lists across a number of clinical specialties. 

Funding was made available to facilitate this focus on mental health waiting lists under Phase One of Manx Care’s ‘Restoration and Recovery of Elective Activity’ programme. This work is supplementary to that already being delivered by Manx Care’s own clinicians. Funding was agreed to deliver psychological therapy programmes to 140 children and young people - however, 148 individuals have received treatment to date due to some people not needing as much one-to-one therapy as initially prescribed. It’s anticipated that the funding will allow for 160 people to receive treatment in this phase of activity.

Manx Care is currently looking at the funding required to continue to address mental health waiting lists on the Island, and continue to reduce waiting times for people to access psychological therapy services. 

Ross Bailey, General Manager of Manx Care’s Integrated Mental Health Services, commented:

“I’m really pleased that more children and young people than we initially anticipated have been able to access the psychological therapy treatment provided by Minds Matter, with more people still to begin their programme of treatment. What’s most been pleasing is the feedback that we’ve received from individuals who’ve used this pathway, highlighting just how supportive and effective their therapy has been, and the impact this has subsequently had on their everyday lives.”

Andrea Chambers, CEO of Minds Matter, added:

“We’re encouraged by the continued focus on reducing waiting times for young people needing to access psychological support, as we know that long waiting times are detrimental. We are pleased with the positive outcomes for the young people we have been able to support so far and the feedback that we have received. We hope to be able to continue our valuable partnership with Manx Care.”

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