General Surgery and complex cataract waiting list activity begins

Thursday, 8 December 2022

General Surgery procedures and complex cataract procedures requiring general anaesthesia have begun this week as part of the current phase of activity to address waiting list backlogs on the Isle of Man.

As part of the planned General Surgery activity, 30 open hernia procedures will be delivered across December, with laparoscopic surgery procedures beginning in January as the programme of work increases. Pre-assessment clinics for patients awaiting their procedures this month were completed in November at Noble’s Hospital, staffed by colleagues from both Manx Care and Synaptik, Manx Care’s outsourcing partner.

Complex cataract procedures whereby the patient will require a general anaesthetic began on Monday, with procedures for patients who require local (topical) anaesthesia with sedation beginning last weekend (Saturday 03 December). This differs slightly from patients who have previously had their cataract surgery delivered by the Manx Care-Synaptik blended team – these patients have been given topical anaesthesia only, without the need for any sedation.

In October, Manx Care was awarded £18.3 million of Government funding to deliver Phase Two of its ‘Restoration and Recovery of elective activity’ programme of work, designed to address the lengthy waiting lists across a number of clinical specialties (Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology and Surgical Specialties). This activity will be delivered by a blended team from both Manx Care and Synaptik, and is supplementary to the activity which is already being delivered by surgeons at Noble’s Hospital.

The activity completed as part of the Restoration and Recovery of elective activity programme (to 31 October 2022) covers:

  • 458 Endoscopy procedures
  • 637 Cataract procedures
  • 286 Orthopaedic (hip and knee replacement) procedures 

Teresa Cope, Manx Care’s Chief Executive, commented: “

I’m really pleased that we have begun new phases of work within our Restoration and Recovery programme, meaning that we will be able to further reduce waiting lists across Ophthalmology and our Surgical Specialties. With specific regard to the cataract procedures, this means that those individuals who require complex surgical intervention in order to improve their sight will begin to receive their treatment. The programme of work is continuing at pace alongside the activity which is routinely delivered at Noble’s Hospital, and I’d like to take this opportunity to recognise the many colleagues working across different areas of Manx Care and their counterparts in Synaptik for their dedication and professionalism in working together to deliver exceptional care for our patients.” 

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