Results of 2021 earnings survey

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Median earnings for a full time employee in 2021 were £613 per week, according to the Isle of Man Earnings Survey Report 2021.

The annual survey by Government collects information about the distribution of earnings in the Isle of Man, including median or average earnings by sector, contract types, and gender.

A total of 819 employers took part in the 2021 survey, and 2,507 employees responded.

Key results from the survey include:

  • Median gross weekly pay of full-time employees was £613, compared to £611 in 2020
  • Full-time employees worked an average of 37.7 hours per week, including 0.8 hours of overtime
  • Overtime, incentive pay and shift premiums made up 6.2% of employees' gross weekly earnings, up from 5.4% in 2020
  • Median earnings were 0.3% higher than the median United Kingdom
  • 10.1% of employees in 2021 earned less than the Isle of Man Living Wage, down from 10.7% in 2020
  • 72% of the randomly selected sample worked full time, 21% worked part time and 7% had zero-contracted hours

Full results of the survey.

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