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Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service drop-in sessions: Celebrating our first year of operation

Monday, 1 August 2022

To celebrate the launch of the Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service (MCALS) on 02 August last year, we’re holding coffee morning events across our Wellbeing Partnerships.

Please drop in for a chat, and to get more information about our services over a cup of tea or coffee! Everyone is welcome.

We’ll be available at the following locations:

Wednesday 3 August 10am to 12pm Southern Wellbeing Centre, Thie Rosien, Foyer
Thursday 4 August 10am to 12pm Ramsey Hospital (Northern Wellbeing Centre) Training Room
Friday 5 August 10am to 12pm Western Wellbeing Centre, Entrance Foyer

We look forward to seeing you!

Can’t make it? Drop us a line at

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